Flanagan on Remembering Whitney Houston

by Mark Jafar, Viacom

MTV, BET, VH1 and Logo each found ways to mourn the passing of Whitney Houston this weekend, reminding us of the impact the iconic singer had across so many of the diverse audiences we serve at Viacom.

VH1 Editorial Director Bill Flanagan, a renowned music writer and veteran of MTV and VH1, made a personal contribution to the conversation when he appeared on CBS Sunday Morning.  In a video essay, Flanagan issued a call to let the memory of Whitney Houston rest with her loved ones, even as her music lives on with millions of fans worldwide.

An excerpt from Flanagan’s piece:

“From the time Whitney was a kid, she was the object of enormous expectations. And you know what? She lived up to them all.

Her voice contained gospel, soul, rock and pop. It was a young voice, an old voice – it was timeless.

Like Elvis, like Sinatra, she could elevate a mediocre song by her taste, her virtuosity, and by the conviction she brought to each performance.

And when she got her chops around a GOOD song? The heavens opened.”

 Click above to watch.

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