#FollowFriday: @TheLodgee

by Mark Jafar, Viacom

The Lodge at Viacom's 1515 Broadway headquarters

It was less than a year ago that @CondeElevator sent shockwaves through the New York media echo chamber, spearing Condé Nast culture with rapier wit as sharp as the stilettos stomping the halls of 4 Times Square.

We don’t have as many stilettos in the halls of Viacom’s HQ on Broadway.  Plenty of Nikes, though.  And our clever devils tend to wear Levi’s, not Prada.  But even if our gossip isn’t as delicious as that of our neighbors at Condé, our food sure is.  Our company cafeteria, The Lodge, is jam-packed every day with employees getting their grub on, socializing, seeing and being seen.

So, why shouldn’t Viacom have its own masked Twitter chronicler, reporting from our cultural and culinary hub?  In fact, we do, and today, in a Follow Friday special, we’d like to turn your attention to @TheLodgee.

@TheLodgee certainly isn’t an official Viacom account.  We actually have no idea who this person is.  Pretty much all we can put together from his/her tweets is that he/she is a Millennial who works in our 1515 Broadway building and likes omelettes.

What we do know is that we deeply admire @TheLodgee’s body of work, and the depth of his/her commitment to keeping us well-informed and well-fed.  Follow @TheLodgee and you’ll get updates on everything from what’s on the menu to who’s breaking ettiquette at the soup station.  Need to know info for the hungry Viacom employee.

So thank you, @TheLodgee. You are what you eat, and we sustain ourselves on a steady diet of your charm.

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