‘All Access Weekly’ Host Breaks Guinness World Record for High Fives

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom
Katie Linendoll High-Fives Into Guinness World Records
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In celebration of National High Five Day this Thursday, Spike production team members transformed the Lodge, our cafeteria at the Viacom headquarters, into the site of a successful Guinness World Record Attempt for “The Most High-Fives In One Minute.” The feat fulfilled a dream of  “All Access Weekly” host Katie Linendoll, who broke the Guinness World Record by slapping 107 hands within 60 seconds.

“All Access Weekly,” a five-minute late night talk show airing on Thursdays at midnight, is a haven for all things geek – gadgets, tech, comic books, video games. With National High Five Day falling on this week’s episode, the attempt seemed like a perfect tie-in, according to producer Pam Kirby.

“Assembling that many people in one place was a little challenging,” Kirby said. “But fortunately, Katie is not the only one out there interested in breaking this record.”

Before the timed high-fiving commenced, Kirby and her team lined up over 100 participants in two parallel queues, instructing everyone to raise his or her right hand. Meanwhile Linendoll, sporting running shorts and sneakers, warmed up with lunges and wind sprints. She refused to be outdone by the former record holder…a clown named Mr. Giggles from the UK.

Katie Linendoll was antsy to get the record attempt started.

“The stakes are high,” Lindendoll said. “I can’t lose to a clown, literally.”

It’s no joke, though. It’s an involved process to be considered for an attempt, and there are a lot of guidelines to follow. According to Guinness World Records, nearly 50,000 Record Attempts are submitted each year and less than 5 percent succeed. And there are rules designed around each record. In the high-five record, for example, Linendoll had to make full palm-to-palm contact with everyone, and high-fiving the same person twice wouldn’t have counted.

The Adjudicator carefully followed Katie Linendoll's attempt and reviewed the footage from it before announcing whether she'd succeeded.

Guinness World Record Adjudicator Freddie Hoff was on the premises to ensure that these guidelines were upheld and verify the attempt. Official with a pantsuit, badge and clipboard, she followed Linendoll during the attempt and carefully reviewed the camera crew’s footage afterward. After declaring Linendoll the new Guinness World Record holder for most high fives in a minute, Hoff presented a certificate to an ecstatic Linendoll.

You can watch Linendoll’s successful attempt above, as well as an extended version of the attempt and other content online here.

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