Colbert to Nation: ‘We Won a Peabody!”

by Mark Jafar, Viacom
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Peabody Award for Colbert Super PAC
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Congratulations to Stephen Colbert and the team at The Colbert Report on winning a George Foster Peabody Award for its Colbert Super PAC segments.

As always, Colbert summed up the significance of the moment best:

“Folks, this highly prestigious award is bestowed on the greatest shows in radio and television.  And it is my favorite award to win because it is determined by one criterion: EXCELLENCE.”

The Peabody Awards — which celebrate outstanding achievement in electronic media — have been handed out annually since 1941.  This is the second Peabody for The Colbert Report (the first came in 2007), which had Stephen particularly excited on last night’s broadcast because, as he said, “now my Peabodys and my Emmys can double date.”

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