‘I Just Want My Pants Back’ Creator Looks Back on Season One

Jane (as played by Kelli Barrett) and Jason Strider (as played by Peter Vack) in “I Just Want My Pants Back” (Photo credit: MTV)

The season one finale of I Just Want My Pants Back airs tonight at 11 PM ET/PT on MTV.

It’s also my favorite episode of the season.

In it, things come to a head as our young characters continue to grapple with their not-quite-adulthood. Jason will finally get an answer as to why Jane gave him that fake number. Tina will be tempted to sabotage her first “mature” relationship by backsliding with a man who has a tattoo of the word tattoo. And Eric will make a decision about med school, one that could deeply affect his, and Stacey’s, future.

Beyond merely pimping the finale, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for paying attention to our small show these past months. Pants has been an intensely personal project, a labor of love, which started with the publication of my novel in 2007. Ah, 2007, we were all so young and smooth back then…

As this first season winds down and I look back across it, I’m extremely proud of how close it’s come to the vision Doug Liman, the producers and I had many moons ago: To honestly depict the hilarity, disillusionment, thrill and fear of this time in life, a time when we get our best, most absurd stories – the ones we spend the rest of our lives retelling.

It has been such a privilege to work with our remarkable cast of newcomers; I hope you’ll enjoy their excellent performances in the season one finale, and that it will excite you for more Pants episodes in the future.

David J. Rosen is Executive Producer and Creator of “I Just Want My Pants Back.”  For a sneak peek at tonight’s season finale, check out the video below.

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