EPIX Execs Unveil Original Programs, Demo Apps

by Jamie Colunga, EPIX
Boxing Legend and member of EPIX boxing announce team Sugar Ray Leonard with EPIX CEO Mark Greenberg

At the apex of a huge branding campaign, EPIX – the new kid on the premium channel block – invited L.A. press to an event to show them what the network is all about.

EPIX is a joint venture of movie studios Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and MGM, so it comes as no surprise that EPIX “gets big movies” – the tagline of a major advertisement campaign. But the real news at the event was the unveiling of a slate of original programs that complements the big titles on EPIX and what we do with an expansive library of movies to engage fans.For the press event, held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, we brought in Stan Lee – the iconic creator of Marvel comic book heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, who were at the center of the EPIX Marvel Heroes Weekend which aired April 27-29.

With the hotly anticipated The Avengers coming out in theaters this week, we invoked our inner superhero and launched the programming stunt with all The Avenger prequels to get fans across the country hyped up for the newest movie, and also raise awareness of EPIX. The marathon of flicks included Iron Man 2, Thor, and the premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger plus the EPIX Original Documentary With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.

Giving viewers even more access to Lee and heroes they love, we set up an EPIX Live online event right before our press luncheon so thousands of fans nationwide were able to ask Lee all their burning questions.

Stan Lee learns about the EPIX app on the Xbox from Chief Digital Officer Emil Rensing

Combine the buzz of major EPIX advertising campaign currently running with the event’s highlights – like Lee, an appearance from boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard (a member of the EPIX boxing announce team), the unique setting and food from the SLS (foie gras cotton candy, anyone?) and a presentation from EPIX CEO Mark Greenberg, who announced the upcoming original programming slate – and you’ve got magic…and a lot of press coverage.

“This press event was the perfect way to highlight all the great things happening at EPIX,” said Mark Greenberg, CEO of EPIX. “Marvel Heroes Weekend was an exciting stunt that attracted attention across the nation, so we thank Stan for his creations and are glad we were able to kick off the weekend right.”

“I love EPIX, and I love what they are trying to do,” Lee said. “They are very professional and they are good at marketing, merchandising and promoting.”

Capping a great day showcasing EPIX and the success of the network after three short years, EPIX tech buffs showed off our apps on basically every device one can think of, like the Xbox, Roku and iPads. From the demo, journalists were truly able to get the EPIX experience and see how we’re reaching viewers on every device they’re using. So was the enthusiastic Stan Lee.

All in all, the event and campaign were a huge success. As Stan Lee likes to say: “Nuff said!”

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