Juanes is in the Building

by Eliana Munoz, Nickelodeon

In the midst of a whirlwind promotional tour of New York, Juanes, the 17-time Latin Grammy award winning artist and native Colombian, took time out of his busy global rock star schedule to treat Viacom employees to a performance at the company’s 1515 Broadway headquarters.

The event was hosted by Somos, Viacom’s Latino employee affinity group, and Tr3s to celebrate the premiere of Juanes MTV Unplugged.

Easygoing and humble, Juanes gave an intimate acoustic performance.  His multi-generational and cross-cultural appeal made the show an easy draw, and employees packed The Lodge cafeteria for the show to hear popular tunes including “A Dios Le Pido” and “La Camisa Negra.”  After an encore played at the behest of the adoring crowd, Juanes spoke backstage  about his passion for music and how he uses that form of art to communicate with his fans, and as a vehicle for change.

Ivette Urena, an executive assistant at Nickelodeon, called the show lively and inspiring and said she felt like she was at a family party — not a bad vibe for an afternoon during the work week.

“Everyone was happy, very upbeat and free in their own element, she said. “I felt at home, surrounded by others like myself, enjoying great music.”

Edgardo Perez, a co-chair of Somos, explained how the board was able to create such an amazing event: “It was a pleasure to work with Tr3s and Juanes on the event. Everything seamlessly fell into place thanks to the collaborative efforts of Tr3s’ Public Affairs team, Juanes’ management team, and Somos’ co-chairs Leslie Arredondo and Sheila Grullon, as well as executive champion Juan Herrera.”

Check out Juanes MTV Unplugged on Tr3s.

Eliana Munoz is an executive assistant at Nickelodeon and a member of Somos, Viacom’s Latino employee affinity group.

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