Lights, Caring, Action on the West Coast and Beyond

by Anita Ortiz, Paramount Pictures

We’ve tallied the rally, and more than 1,400 Paramount employees turned out for Viacommunity Day, joining thousands of our co-workers from divisions across Viacom for our corporate day of community service.  While “good” is really immeasurable, our volunteers racked up some impressive stats. 

Here are just a few from Southern California:

  • In partnership with Heal the Bay, we collected 320 pounds of trash from Venice Beach and filled a 6-foot cyclinder with cigarette butts not just once, but three times
  • We planted over 140 plants at three Los Angeles public schools
  • In Project Angel Food’s kitchen, we prepared 250lbs of meatloaf and baked 700 lemon cookies
  • We made 100 dog toys for a local animal shelter
  • Our career exploration sessions featured a very special guest – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol‘s Paula Patton; together, we reached over 100 high school seniors
  • We donated 35 pints of blood to the American Red Cross and raised nearly $500 from volunteers to help their life-saving work

The beauty of Viacommunity Day is that it is truly global.  So while we had just started our day, our colleagues around the world had already done their share of good deeds including:

  • Cleaning a park in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Screening a movie and having afternoon tea with senior citizens in Dublin, Ireland
  •  Cooking a meal at a community café in London, England
  • Planting trees in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Painting a school in Sydney, Australia

And while Viacommunity Day 2012 is now history, the spirit of giving back is alive and well at Paramount.  We can’t wait to volunteer again!

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