Recommended Reading: Jezebel on Diversity in Kids’ Programming

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

"Victorious" castmembers lend a Big Help off-screen

Jezebel isn’t your typical mommy blog, but we very much appreciated the maternal perspective that contributor Angela Hunt, a university educator and mother of two, offers in her post yesterday, “An Oasis of Racially Diverse Television Is Right Under Our Noses.”

There’s ongoing debate about whether television and film accurately reflect the diversity of American life, and Hunt argues that critics overlook one area that’s getting it right:  kids’ programming.
She calls out Nickelodeon, in particular, and deservedly so, in both our biased and unbiased opinions.  At Nickelodeon, and across all our networks at Viacom, we work hard to reflect the diversity of the audiences we serve – in the programming on our screens, and in the talented people we employ.  She points to a number of Nick shows that are marketed broadly but feature diverse female lead roles “that could be written for any girl,” including How To Rock, Rags, Victorious and True Jackson, V.P.

Hunt believes positive depictions of diversity in kids’ programming could have a powerful impact in entertainment and beyond:

“If this generation of kids regularly watch and enjoy shows that feature multi-ethnic casts, that center around girls of color that are universally accepted in their worlds as intelligent, funny, talented and beautiful, then when they are adults who earn and spend their own money on films, they will happily pay to see these same and other actresses of color on the big screen.”

We agree.  Check out Hunt’s thoughtful column in its entirety here.

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