‘The Dictator’ Admiral General Aladeen’s Media Tour

by Ashley Bodul, Paramount Pictures

The Supreme Leader Admiral General Aladeen of Wadiya made the rounds in New York this week to promote his upcoming film The Dictator, in theaters May 16. Aladeen kicked off the tour on Saturday with a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, dropping in on the Weekend Update news desk with prisoner Martin Scorsese in tow to praise the film.

“It was better than ‘Raging Bull,’” the filmmaker said, referring to his own Oscar-winning film.

On Monday, His Excellency held a press conference at The Waldorf Astoria hotel. Flanked by four armed virgin guards and a handful of supporters carrying signs that read “Say No to Democracy” and “Give Persecution a Chance,“ the politically incorrect leader welcomed what he called the room full of reporters, “the devils of the Zionist media.”

“Today, I wish to highlight the plight of a terribly endangered group, the innocent victims of a global human tragedy: dictators,” he began, claiming that such leaders were subjected to brutality for embezzlement and “doing a tiny little bit of genocide.”

His Excellency spoke out against western democracy and his red carpet encounter with Ryan Seacrest. He later told an E! reporter, “That missile North Korea tried to launch was aimed directly at E!’s headquarters. You know that, right?”

When asked to address his critics, General Aladeen requested the names and addresses of those that call him a tyrant. “I’d like to give them a magnetic gift,” he explained. “It attaches to the underneath of the car.”

After demanding to see an Israeli journalist’s circumcision (“What have you got down there? I’ll just have a little look.”), Aladeen closed the conference by assuring the group, “As long as you write good reviews, your families will be released.”

Following the press conference, Aladeen sat down for an interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show. “By the way, how are your family?” the Admiral General asked Lauer. “How is your wife Annette? What is she doing now?”

“She’s probably watching this interview,” said Lauer.

“Incorrect!” said Aladeen, pulling a lock of brown hair from his pocket. “Is this her hair?”

Finishing the day, Aladeen joined Jon Stewart on the set of The Daily Show. No topic was off limits for the ruler of Wadiya who spoke in great detail about the nightly ritual to ensure the purity of his 25 virgin guards, losing good friends Kim Jong Il,Muammar Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Dick Cheney, and his new bridge partner Rick Santorum. Check out the video below to see more of the outrageous interview.

For more of The Dictator experience, you can download the official mobile app, The Dictator: Wadiyan Games and step into the General’s shoes to compete in his favorite events and destroy the competition by any means necessary. The iOS app is free to download through the Apple iTunes store and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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