Brad Grey on Paramount’s 100th Anniversary

by Brad Grey, Chairman and CEO, Paramount Pictures

June 1, 2012 officially marks the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Paramount Pictures.

In the summer of 1912, Paramount’s visionary founder, Adolph Zukor, laid the groundwork for the company when he premiered Queen Elizabeth, one of the first full-length dramas shown in the United States.  Today, Paramount is one of America’s oldest major motion picture studios and the only one that continues to call Hollywood its home.

It has been an amazing century that began in the Nickelodeon days and has continued through the advent of sound, film noir, New Hollywood realism and the motion-capture 3-D achievements of today. Paramount has filled the screen with entertaining and iconic pictures, from Wings, which won the very first Academy Award® for a film, to some of the most successful movies and franchises of all time in The Godfather, Mission: Impossible and Transformers.

Paramount films have touched, entertained and inspired audiences around the world for a century and that’s a wonderful accomplishment.  Films like The Ten Commandments, Sullivan’s Travels and Sunset Boulevard endure as classics; Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Harold and Maude and Footloose defined generations; and Rosemary’s Baby paved the way for the future audiences of Paranormal Activity.

The studio has excelled at developing some of the most renowned actors and actresses and has fostered relationships with some of the most creative visionaries and filmmakers of all time.  Many of these film legends were present at our historic 100th Anniversary photo shoot on the Paramount Lot earlier this year, which represented our extraordinary past, present and future.

Passing through the signature gates to the Paramount Lot, I am reminded of the company’s rich history and how fortunate we are to be doing the work that we do.  I am grateful to everyone on the Paramount team, and the entire Viacom family, for their work and commitment to bringing audiences the very best in entertainment.

Brad Grey is Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures.

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