Keri Hilson’s Steps for MTV Staying Alive

by Adrianne Andang, Viacom International Media Networks

A powerful community of 45,000 walkers united in the illustrious Central Park to participate in the AIDS Walk New York, the largest AIDS fundraising event in the world.

Walking along fellow supporters, GRAMMY-nominated music sensation and MTV Staying Alive Ambassador Keri Hilson took steps, literally, to raise money and awareness around the mission of MTV Staying Alive, an international content-producing and grant-giving organization dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV among young people.

We were able to catch Hilson during the AIDS Walk, to talk about her participation in this year’s event as well as her role as the MTV Staying Alive Ambassador.

Adrianne Adang:  Could you tell us about your participation in the AIDS Walk 2012?

Keri Hilson:  As the MTV Staying Alive Ambassador, I was thrilled to participate in such a great initiative.  It’s such an important cause, and I really wanted to help encourage people to participate in some way – whether it was coming out and walking with me in Central Park or donating online on behalf of MTV Staying Alive — and help young people around the world to break taboos, foster tolerance, and spread the message of HIV protection.  We also aired a series of four exclusive PSA’s encouraging people to take action which we promoted on the MTV Staying Alive website and via social media.

AA: What did you think of the AIDS Walk New York?

KH: Wow, what an amazing event!  It was truly breathtaking and touching to see such a massive crowd of people outpouring with support, confronting the challenge and fighting for an AIDS-free generation together.

AA:  What did you learn that you would like to share with our readers?

KH:  Take action! The AIDS Walk New York really reinforced just how much power we have to help others recognize, contribute and fight the stigma that continues to fuel the AIDS epidemic.  There are numerous resources and organizations that are committed to reducing HIV infections, but they need that continued support. Working with MTV Staying Alive, I’ve met such amazing young people in their inspirational mission to educate their local communities on safe sex and HIV/AIDS through creative grassroots projects, and it’s remarkable how far they’ve come.  This is a powerful fight, and it all starts with you.

Check out and learn how you can help make a difference.

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