Missed Viacom at Cannes Lions? Here’s your recap!

by Mark Jafar, Viacom

Viacom made its debut at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity last week, carving out a slice of the conversation at the annual gathering of ad agencies, brands and marketers, media and technology companies.

On Thursday, Viacom President and CEO Philippe Dauman hosted a seminar discussion entitled, “Millennials and the Future of Creativity,” featuring guests Selena Gomez, director Jon Chu, and MTV President Stephen Friedman.  The conversation covered the Millennial Generation’s effect on the expression of creativity across platforms, how it’s redefining the relationships between art and commerce, brands and consumers, and what it all means for creative communicators.

Thanks in part to the social power of Selena and Jon, the Viacom seminar was the most buzzed about event on social media of Cannes Lions.  Mashable has a great breakdown of the social reach of the Viacom seminar here and you can scroll down for an infographic, created by SapientNitro, which recaps the entire week-long festival.    In fact, we’d recommend checking out the Cannes Lions Pinterest page for a great visual, day-by-day overview of Cannes Lions.

For those looking to read about the Viacom seminar, we’d recommend this recap from Barbara Lippert of MediaPost.  And Patricia Sellers of Fortune.com wrote about how millennials were a hot topic overall at the festival – you can check out her take here.

If you’re more inclined to watch, Cannes Lions posted a video recap of the panel, along with backstage interviews with Selena and Jon.  See all three embedded below.

Finally, for those of you who ventured out of the Riviera sunshine and into the Palais des Festivals to attend the seminar live in Cannes, thank you for joining us.  We hope you had fun and learned a little bit about a generation Viacom works hard to understand and entertain every day.

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