‘Dora Live!’ Tours the World

by Laura Kaufmann, Nickelodeon Recreation

Nickelodeon’s international family theatrical touring business takes the network’s most popular TV characters from screen to stage – bringing them to life and delighting kids and families everywhere from Mexico to Singapore. The business has continued to expand across the globe since launching in 2006, but this year has been its most active yet, with tours performing across five continents and reaching over 120 markets in three languages.

Despite the globe-trotting, our goal is to keep the production as consistent as possible. Since kids all over the world watch the same exact Dora on TV, we want to deliver the same thing to them on stage no matter where they live. And in line with what Nickelodeon research has shown us, kids are the same all around the world regardless of cultural or religious influences. They all adore Dora and her friends; Boots and the gang all get entrance applause. They love the sense of accomplishment they get from knowing they’ve helped Dora on her journey by waving their “woo hoo” stars (the free audience handout every kid gets at the show) – the only difference is whether Dora’s asking them to waive their “stars,” “estrellas” or “αστέρια.”

Here’s a glance at this summer’s successful engagements…

Dora Live! cast at Globe Theatre Blackpool
  • Now in its fourth year, our Latin American tour has enjoyed a successful return engagement in Mexico, and it’s slated to continue through the fall.
  • In May, Dora Live! arrived in Singapore for a two-week engagement. Kids came in droves wearing Dora tees and Backpacks and danced up and down the aisles of the Drama Theatre.
  • In June, we took Dora to regional amphitheaters in Greece, her first performances in open air venues.
  • In July, Dora returned to Australia in “Dora Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys” which enjoyed highly successful three-year run. The ‘farewell’ tour performed to sold-out crowds across the country including key markets such as Sydney and Melbourne.
  • In August, Dora Live! launched in the UK at Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, also home to Nickelodeon Universe, England’s first Nickelodeon themed attraction site. We’ve received stellar notices from the local critics, and kids are having a fantastic day using combo wristbands to experience both Dora Live and the rides at Nickelodeon Universe. The production moves to London’s West End at the Apollo Theater tomorrow for a three week engagement before touring regionally in 2013.

Dora and crew will embark on more exciting adventures in the fall, including performances in Malaysia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and the Netherlands.

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