For the (Emmy) Win: Comedy Central and Nickelodeon

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

Congratulations are in order for Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, The Daily Show, Futurama and Maurice LaMarche, as well as The Penguins of Madagascar and the amazing teams behind the four Emmys they collectively took home from this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards.

Last night marked a milestone win for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jon Stewart and staff, who have now received a total of 10 consecutive wins for Outstanding Variety Series, the longest streak in Emmy history — though this most recent win was not without a fight. After Ricky Gervais announced it, fellow nominees Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon quickly tackled Stewart to the ground.  

Stewart wrestled his faux-angry competitors off, escaping toward the stage by army crawl to accept the award on behalf of the show. Short of breath as he took the stage, Stewart delivered an acceptance speech as humble as it was smart and funny – dedicating about half to congratulating fellow nominees in the category before going on to express what the award means for The Daily Show.

“We make topical comedy, which has the shelf life of egg salad,” he said. “Nobody cares after five days. So to do this for fifteen years, and to have tangible proof that what we made wasn’t just ephemeral, is wonderful.”

The series was also cited for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, bringing the total of Emmys under the belts of TDS, Stewart and staff to a staggering 18.

While TDS may have garnered the most public attention with the tackling bit and Stewart’s acceptance speech (a fan favorite by many reports, including a CBS News poll, the general buzz on social media and countless Emmy highlights roundups – making #1 in People’s Top 5 Emmy moments), it wasn’t the only Comedy Central winner in the house last night.

Receiving his second consecutive Primetime Emmy was Futurama‘s Maurice LaMarche for his Outstanding Voice-Over Performance as Clamps, Donbot, Hyperchicken, Calculon, Hedonismbot & Morbo. 

Our kids’ programming also received recognition, with Nickelodeon’s The Penguins of Madagascar taking home the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program last weekend, in the first of the two ceremonies held for the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards, the first of which was primarily for creative arts categories.

A big warm congrats again to our winners, listed below with team credits, and to all the nominees who, as Stewart said in other words, put up some fierce competition.

Comedy Central

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – Tim Carvell, Head Writer, Rory Albanese, Kevin Bleyer, Rich Blomquist, Steve Bodow, Wyatt Cenac, Hallie Haglund, JR Havlan, Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, Jo Miller, John Oliver, Zhubin Parang, Daniel Radosh, Jason Ross, Jon Stewart, Writers

Maurice LaMarche as Clamps, Donbot, Hyperchicken, Calculon, Hedonismbot & Morbo, Futurama – The Silence of the Clamps


The Penguins of Madagascar “The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole” – Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle, Bret Haaland, Nick Filippi, Chris Neuhahn, Ant Ward, Andrew Huebner, David Knott, Shaun Cashman, Steve Loter,  Christo Stamboliev

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