Van Toffler’s Latest ‘Underappreciated’ Playlist

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

Frank Ocean, Allen Stone, Josh Rouse (Photos: Facebook/Getty Images)

Discover some new (or at least lesser known) tracks courtesy of Van Toffler’s latest Underappreciated post on MTV Hive, in which Toffler brings us “8 Mood-Elevating Songs for the End of Summer” – a hand-picked playlist with commentary from the Music Group president himself.

There’s a lot of soul, a “straight up pop” song and a tidbit of inside info (Toffler tells us he originally wanted Frank Ocean to perform “Sweet Life” on the VMAs, but Frank O insisted on a move Toffler calls the right choice: to go “intimate” with “Thinkin Bout You.”)

Sounds good to me… but have a listen for yourself.

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