Wrapping with ‘Awkward.’ Stars Jillian Rose Reed, Brett Davern

by Neena Koyen, Viacom

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MTV recently celebrated the show that made it cool to be “awkward” with a Season 2 wrap party at The Colony in Hollywood. The critically acclaimed comedy series Awkward. was a breakout hit last year and the network’s highest-rated new series since 2009. In its sophomore season, Awkward. was MTV’s second most watched series and the show’s Facebook page reached more than 3 million fans on a weekly basis. Ahead of tonight’s season finale, we grabbed a few minutes with Jillian Rose Reed, who plays catchphrase-spouting BFF Tamara Kaplan, and Brett Davern, who plays lovestruck all-around nice guy Jake Rosati.

Neena Koyen: You just wrapped your second season and you’re already picked up for a third. How does this feel different from six months or a year ago, when you were still newcomers?

Jillian Rose Reed: It feels incredible! We had no idea how fast or how big our show would blow up. So to be renewed for a third season is wonderful. It really shows us that the fans care about us as much as we care about them.

Brett Davern: It feels just as amazing as it did to get a season two pick-up. I love working on Awkward. so much and am such a fan of the show in general. To know that it’s going to keep going is really cool.

NK: Why do you think the show has been so successful?

JRR: I owe it all to Lauren Iungerich, our creator. She’s a brilliant writer and has done such a fantastic job of making our show and characters relatable and funny. Plus, the boys are really cute!

BD: Awkward. has something for everyone. The characters and the world that Lauren created are based so much in reality. Sure, there are some over the top situations for comedy’s sake, but at the end of the day, all the characters — adults or teens — are real and relatable. I think everyone knows a Jenna, Jake, Matty, or even Sadie.

NK: In the show, the “awkward” girl gets the popular boy – both popular boys, in fact. Why do you think “awkward” is the new “cool?”

BD: That’s the big reason I fell in love with the show from the very start – it’s not so easy to predict. I think the characters behave more like “real” teens that other high school shows before it. The boys see that Jenna is a special person and they’re attracted to that, no matter her social standing. I like that Jenna is not the typical lead character, that the boys are not the typical popular boys, that Sadie is not the typical mean girl.

JRR: Because to be “awkward” is to be yourself! We’re all awkward, every single one of us, even if you think you aren’t. I think guys can appreciate a girl who isn’t afraid to be herself.

NK: What were some of your favorite moments from the set this year?

BD: There are so many. While we were filming the very first episode of season two, Jenna [played by Ashley Rickards] is supposed to put a little frosting on the tip of my (Jake’s) nose. Of course without me knowing, Ashley grabbed a whole fistful of frosting for take 3 and smeared it all over my face. Stuff like that is happening all the time. We truly are like a family who just loves going to work with each other every day. I hope that chemistry comes through in the show. I think it does.

JRR: I enjoyed dancing in the blue spandex unitard way more than I should have. Hands down, fave moment.

NK: Can you give us any teasers for Season 3?

BD: I have no idea what to expect for season three. I would hope that we can see a bit more of where Jake comes from, his home life a bit maybe.

JRR: I hope it involves a new love interest for Tamara!

The Season 2 finale of Awkward. airs tonight, Sept. 20, at 10:30PM ET/PT on MTV. 

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