President Obama, Jon Stewart Joke Around, Get Serious

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

There was definitely jocularity as Jon Stewart and President Obama chatted about the POTUS’s performance at the first debate (pulling up debate photos from the “election scrapbook” Stewart said he’s been keeping) and Joe Biden’s wet swimwear, but the two got pretty serious for most of their The Daily Show last night.

In his sixth appearance on the show and second since taking office, the President maintained good humor, keeping up with Stewart’s quick wit and political questions. He addressed issues ranging from the financial crisis, Guantánamo Bay and wiretapping to, speaking more broadly, the overall magnitude and importance of voting in this year’s election.

“The stakes on this could not be bigger,” Obama said. “War, peace, Supreme Court, women’s right to choose, whether we’re creating jobs in this country or whether they’re getting shipped overseas, whether our kids are getting the best education they can…there is no excuse not to vote.”

Check out this unedited, extended version of the first half of their interview above, and the rest below.

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