Moms of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Talk Season 3 Ups, Downs

by Neena Koyen, Viacom

Chelsea, Leah, Kailyn and Jenelle are back for another season of the critically acclaimed docu-series Teen Mom 2. After first sharing their stories on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, the young mothers went on to document their emotional first years of parenthood, facing everything from cheating to divorce to run-ins with the law.  Along the way, they’ve also celebrated their children’s first steps, first birthdays and first words. Their compelling stories propelled the last season of Teen Mom 2 to the #3 cable series of the year. Despite their hectic schedules, Chelsea and Kailyn took a time out to give us the scoop on what to expect in the Season 3, now airing on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

The ladies hinted at more baby daddy drama this season, but did their best to sum it up diplomatically.

“Jo and I continue to have our ups and downs, but eventually learn to keep our feelings out of our parent to parent relationship,” Kailyn said.

Chelsea on the other hand, continues to hold a candle for Adam.

“There’s some drama with Adam once again,” she said. “He gets me a promise ring and gets my hopes up and then it falls apart. Also, an issue with custody comes up this season.”

Fans have followed the girls on an emotional rollercoaster as they’ve grappled with co-parenting. But what would their relationships be like if they’d never gotten pregnant in the first place? Kailyn is honest with herself about how compatible she and Jo really are.

“Looking back, I don’t think that I would have continued trying to make my relationship work with Jo,” she said. “If we didn’t have a child together, we would have realized sooner or later that our relationship just wasn’t healthy for either of us.”

Chelsea also recognizes that Aubree may be the only reason she and Adam continue to try to make their relationship work: “[If we hadn’t had a baby together], there wouldn’t be all the back and forth because we wouldn’t have something tying us together like we do now.”

The Teen Mom 2 kids are at an exciting age this season – walking, talking and asserting themselves more and more.

“It’s just amazing once they start really talking,” Chelsea said. “Aubree can have a full-on conversation and talks to everyone. It’s really amazing when such a little girl can talk your ear off.”

Kailyn talks about a milestone moment this season: “Isaac turns two and I get super emotional. Two is so fun because they start really talking and letting their true personally shine – Isaac does and says some really funny things!”

The girls also reflect on how having babies at a young age changed their teen years.

“Because I got pregnant in high school, I didn’t get the opportunity to go to my senior prom, and I missed out on going away to college,” Kailyn said. Meanwhile, Chelsea misses the carefree feeling of being a teenager. “When you’re younger, you always think you can’t wait to grow up,” she said. “But when it happens so fast and you have to act like an adult when you’re still a kid, it’s really overwhelming and stressful.”

Both girls offer some sage advice for other teenagers out there who are sexually active or thinking about having sex for the first time. “First and most importantly, I would say that having sex right now isn’t as important as they think,” Kailyn said.

So what is important?

“Now is the time to be selfish and to do things for you!” Chelsea promotes using protection because, quite simply, “one time could change your life forever.”

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