2013 Trend and Milestone Predictions

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

In a world where consumer behavior is changing as quickly as our Twitter feeds update, our insights teams have their work cut out for them. We collected predictions from a few of our research gurus for a glimpse at what they foresee this year, from emerging trends among the Millennial audience to new milestones in the evolution of media consumption. Based on all the research they do to stay ahead of the trends year-round, here’s what they predict for 2013:

Remote co-viewing will surge

An amendment to the 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act now allows video rental companies to obtain customer consent to share information about their viewing preferences on social networks.  This will be a huge boon to social activity and remote co-viewing – more of our viewers watching, sharing and conversing about our shows.

-Stuart Schneiderman, VP Strategic Insights & Research for Viacom Media Networks

Millennialization of the Workplace

As more Millennials move to middle-management, they’ll push through their ideal of a more fluid workday that enables flexing between personal life and work projects. The office as a “physical space” will become less important, and we’ll see increased use of co-working spaces and virtual meeting technology… as well as more crumbling of the traditional 9 to 5.

-Matt Cohen, senior analyst for MTV Insights

Major artist will collaborate with a YouTube star:

We’ve already seen mere mortal YouTube star Austin Mahone open for Taylor Swift on her Red tour, but 2013 will be the year a major artist announces an official collaboration on a production with a YouTube star. Millennials are increasingly enraptured by organically rising digital stars, who symbolize the power of the average person to become famous.

-Alison Hillhouse, VP for MTV Insights

First crowdsourced [everything]

We’ve seen the power of the crowd used to solve problems and create things, from ad campaigns (see Sharpie) to music (see Avicci x You). In 2013 we’ll see a whole slew of crowdsourced “firsts”: business, medical device, consumer household product, etc. emerge.

-Alison Hillhouse, VP for MTV Insights.

Slashitude businesses

More Millennials will pool resources and brainpower together to form “slashitude” businesses – for example – a food truck that’s also a blog, social media agency and clothing line… all under one brand name.

-Jillian Curran, senior manager for MTV Insights

Death to the Brainstorm, all hail the Hackathon

Schools, non-profits, businesses and even the government will begin to use hackathons as an approach to solving real-world challenges. …hack the lesson plan, hack the fund raiser, hack the bill…. Brainstorms just generate a bunch of “ideas”….Hackathons generate tangible, actionable solutions. People in boardrooms will stop saying “Hey, maybe we should brainstorm it…” and saying “Yes, let’s hack it!”

Nick Shore

You can read Nick Shore’s full list of Millennial-specific predictions for 2013 here, and keep up with trends throughout the year via the MTV Insights blog.

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