Overheard @ TCA 2013: Viacom Verbatims

by Neena Koyen, Viacom

Viacom Media Networks owned the final day of cable presentations at the winter TCA press tour with three events, from morning to night. TV Land started the day by getting the critics up bright and early for a breakfast featuring the cast of hit series Hot in Cleveland. In the afternoon, VMN panel presentations commenced in the Langham Hotel’s Huntington Ballroom, where stars like Jenny McCarthy, J.B. Smoove and Nick Kroll turned on the charm for the writers. Then it was time to drink and mingle at the BET Networks-hosted cocktail party with the casts of Real Husbands of Hollywood, Second Generation Wayans, The Game and other network shows.

For those who missed out on the action-packed day, we took some notes on what we overheard:

“If “Best Week Ever” is the wine cooler to get the Friday party started, then Jenny McCarthy is our cosmo.” – Jeff Olde, EVP, Original Programming and Development, VH1, on upcoming pop culture comedy series, “The Jenny McCarthy Show.”

“I made a point of being a sexpert, and ten years later, here I am.” – former adult film star Katie Morgan on her credentials as a panelist on “That Sex Show,” Logo’s upcoming live, late night relationship and sex advice show.

“Sometimes we’re giving you some very simple basic answers that you think everybody should know, and sometimes we’re going to talk about the strangest fetish you’ve ever heard of.” – shrink and “That Sex Show” panelist Dr. Mike Dow.

“Today I’m pleased to announce that Logo has just signed a development deal with Cher — yes, Cher, and veteran TV writer, producer, cult fan favorite Ron Zimmerman — for a pilot script set in Hollywood in the early 1960s.” – Brent Zacky, SVP, Original Programming, Logo.

“It includes all of the reality TV stereotypes that we’ve come to love, we’ve come to hate, including Lorenzo Lamas starring as Lorenzo Lamas.” – Sharon Levy, EVP, Original Series, Spike, introducing reality series, “The Joe Schmo Show.”

“I said, ‘Well, how many times do you want me to wear this blue Speedo?’  And without missing a beat, [the exec producer] just said, ‘As many times as you feel comfortable.’  And that kind of opened the whole, you know, adventure up to me.  And from that moment on, I just embraced the idea, the concept.” – actor Lorenzo Lamas on signing up for Spike’s “The Joe Schmo Show.”

“There’s a loose arc to a lot of it… I think that’s one of the things we were trying to do and differentiate us from other sketch shows in that there is a really strong narrative thread and that you learn more about these characters with each episode.” – Nick Kroll on Comedy Central’s upcoming sketch comedy,  Kroll Show

“He does so many different, diverse characters in such a convincing way, you will probably agree with me that he has some sort of personality disorder.” – Kent Alterman, Head of Original Programming & Production, COMEDY CENTRAL, on star Nick Kroll of Kroll Show

“We’re trying to steal as much as we can from [HBO show] Girls.” – Workaholics star Adam Devine on finding inspiration for the upcoming season.

“The new season is so good, it’s going to make a lot of people in the audience feel like total idiots for liking it before.  It’s that much better.” – Kent Alterman on the upcoming season of Workaholics

“We are in production on more shows than ever before, and in April, we’ll open a new night of originals anchored by a new ten‑episode series starring two of the most bankable stars on the planet, Duane Chapman, aka “Dog,” and his wife Beth.” – Jayson Dinsmore, EVP, Development and Programming, CMT, introducing new bounty hunting reality series, DOG (wt).

“We’re on a mission from God.” – Duane “Dog” Chapman on devoting his life to bounty hunting.

“If you’re not your authentic self in today’s TV, you’re not going to last… So that’s what I’m hoping to do, is be my authentic self.” – star Jenny McCarthy on The Jenny McCarthy Show

“We have so many new shows coming, I think, more original shows than we’ve had in our history, and I think a couple of them are going to be pretty good.” – Kent Alterman

“Funny is funny and men are going to be men ‑‑ white men, black men, Indian men ‑‑ we all do the same stupid stuff over and over again, and that’s why it’s called ‘Real Husbands.’  We just happen to live in Hollywood.” – cast member J.B. Smoove on BET’s new original series, Real Husbands of Hollywood, a semi-scripted, reality-TV satire skewing all things “Housewives”-like.

“I watch the Basketball Wives and I’ve watched the orange — the ones with the orange wives… Pretty much every state has a “Wives” show that I’ve watched.” – Real Husbands of Hollywood star Kevin Hart on his guilty pleasure shows.

And to finish off strong, Smoove closed out our presentation by asking Hart whether his feet dangle when he sits on the toilet.

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