Watch the Daily Show Clip Where President Obama Foreshadowed Decision to Share Drone Strike Memo with Congress

by Mark Jafar, Viacom

Today’s New York Times includes a report on the Obama Administration’s decision to release to Congress classified Justice Department documents detailing the legal justification for killing American citizens abroad who are considered terrorists.

The report notes that White House aides point to President Obama’s appearance last October on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (btw, New York Times, that’s the full name of the program) as the instance where the President had pledged to further share the legal framework for such decisions with Congress.

From the Times piece:

Administration officials said Mr. Obama had decided to take the action, which they described as extraordinary, out of a desire to involve Congress in the development of the legal framework for targeting specific people to be killed in the war against Al Qaeda. Aides noted that Mr. Obama had made a pledge to do that during an appearance on “The Daily Show” last year.

Newshounds can find that clip above – the specific mention comes at about the 00:57 second mark.

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