Be Viacom’s ‘Talking Shop’ Sparks Dialogue Around Brands, Millennials

by Mandy Westhorpe, VIMN UK

Talking Shop

The rain may have been out in London during Be Viacom’s exclusive Talking Shop event in late February, but that certainly didn’t dampen the mood (or turn-out).  The event hosted at London’s uber-cool Century Club brought together the crème de la crème of media agencies, marketers and advertising execs, with VIMN’s Christian Kurz showcasing the key findings of Viacom’s “The Next Normal: An Unprecedented Look at Millennials Worldwide.” Despite the early start, the room was buzzing with excitement as everyone waited for Christian to reveal how the study’s findings could help brands engage with Millennials.

The Next Normal report – which was first unveiled by Viacom in November 2012 at the Monaco Media Forum – is the first of its kind, surveying a whopping 15,000 millennials across 24 countries and highlighting the similarities and differences in attitudes, values, aspirations and perspectives of Millennials globally. Based on the findings from The Next Normal, Christian advised the audience that for brands wanting to engage Millennial youth in 2013 and beyond, there are 4 key takeaways to remember:

  1. Brand Aid: enabling, upskilling and providing support
  2. Love Brands: delivering authentic experiences by connecting to passion points
  3. Brand As Family: facilitating close connections and personal interactions
  4. Brand New: provide inspirational glocal content and experiences

Christian was then joined by MTV UK’s Kerry Taylor (General Manager & SVP, VIMN UK, Australia, Hungary & Russia) and William Higham (consumer strategist, futurist, author and CEO of Next Big Thing) to underpin how brands must leverage these new insights.  With Be Viacom’s Russell Samuel (VP, Creative Services and Planning) on hand to moderate the session, the brand leaders and marketers were treated to Kerry discussing how content (including shows such as Geordie Shore, Underemployed and Catfish) strives to reflect Millennial values, whilst William provided insight from a raft of other non-TV brands.

So what should brands learn from this? According to VIMN, in order to truly connect with this young demo, brands need to inspire and support; always deliver authentic experiences; build close connections and relationships; and provide inspirational experiences.

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