Jeff Lucas on Value of Tapping into Viacom Creative Assets

by Chanel Cathey, Viacom

Jeff Lucas, head of sales for Viacom Music & Entertainment, is down in New Orleans this week at the American Association of Advertisers (4As) annual conference Transformation 2013: The Idea Effect to participate in a panel discussion entitled “The death of network television is greatly exaggerated.” (Spoiler alert:  Jeff agrees with that point of view.)  Jeff is joined by media ad sales luminaries David Levy of Turner, JoAnn Ross of CBS, Linda Yaccarino, NBCUniversal, and moderator Abby Klaassen of Ad Age.  

That’s a lot of great thinkers and thoughts to cram into one 40 minute (!) session, so the event organizers understandably asked panelists not to bring reels.  But what’s a discussion of creative transformation without a little creative sizzle to show?  That’s why we’re lending Jeff some space here on the blog this morning to post a few key examples of campaigns and creative where Viacom has driven value for marketers across its media assets.  Check ‘em out below and, if you’re lucky enough to be in the Crescent City this morning, enjoy the 4As.

Creative Assets

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