Viacom Statement on Cablevision Lawsuit

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

The following is the latest statement from Viacom on the Cablevision lawsuit:

“This suit is nothing more than a hypocritical attempt by Cablevision to void a long term carriage deal they agreed to only two months ago.  Cablevision is crying foul over a standard business practice that expands choice and lowers cost for consumers – a practice they use extensively to sell their own services. Cablevision received significant discount on a package of networks that account for nearly 20% of the total viewing audience.  Now they want the lower price without the obligation to offer our networks to their customers.  For Cablevision it’s ‘do as we say and not as we do’ – an arrogant approach all too familiar to its customers.”

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  1. I understand you want to only blame cable for dropping Viacom but their customers get angry when they raise the rates and according to Suddenlink they would have to raise our rates to continue carrying Viacom Channels, which is sad because my granddaughters LOVE Nickelodeon and thanks to a fixed income I can’t afford to have my rates raised, so I called and gave Suddenlink my thoughts on this whole FIASCO of negotiations you have going, and well I feel it is only fair to do the same here! you said call suddenlink by midnight, I did that, well it takes two to have an argument and as with a divorce, the Children are who pay the price. You need to negotiate better and stop trying to raise your rates to the point that you end up dropped this CANNOT be beneficial to your company!! Now you can remain stubborn and greedy and end up going under like every other greedy company. or you can negotiate better and come to an agreement that won’t make every parent and grandparent have to pay higher bills or every child have to do without your programs… you and suddenlink need to wake up!!

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