Lady Gaga’s Born Brave Bus Tours the US

by Chanel Cathey, Viacom

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Lady Gaga’s Born Brave Bus is traveling nationwide to empower youth by connecting them with community and youth services, mentoring, volunteer opportunities and bullying and suicide prevention resources. The fully loaded, polychromatic bus recently drove through Gaga’s hometown of New York City – stopping in front of Viacom’s headquarters in Times Square giving fans a peek inside.

Cynthia Germanotta, Born This Way Foundation President and Lady Gaga’s mother, spoke to VH1 about the importance of this passion project and all the bus has to offer young people across the country. Covered in artwork created by fans, the bus provides youth with an interactive way to meet like-minded peers and access information.

“This is a wonderful, mobile youth experience where they can come to connect to their society,” Germanotta told VH1. “This side of the bus we have different kiosks where they can learn about the foundation, about our partners and the services that they offer and also we have an amazing map where they can learn about organizations in their communities.”

Viacom is a proud partner of the Born This Way Foundation and a supporter of the Born Brave Bus’ March tour which stopped in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C and New York City.  At Viacom, we continue to leverage our programming and platforms to work to advance the mission of the Born This Way Foundation. Our Viacom family wishes Lady Gaga a healthy, full recovery from hip surgery – her commitment to build a ‘kinder, braver world’ inspires people across the country to be courageous and accept their individuality. 

“Although my daughter is recovering and not able to complete the tour, it is important to her that the Born Brave Bus lives on,” said Cynthia Germanotta. “The bus has already impacted thousands of young people and, with the support of our partner organizations, this incredible resource will continue to help guide the large youth populations of Philadelphia, Washington, DC, New York and Chicago towards local support in their communities.”

For those who couldn’t board the bus last month, check it out online: .


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