NY Times’ Inside Look at Amy Schumer’s New Show

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

amy-schumer-headshotAhead of the debut ever-rising comedy star Amy Schumer’s show, “Inside Amy Schumer,” the New York Times’ Jason Zinoman wrote this thoughtful profile on Schumer and her new show. The show will focus on sketches and standup, bring Schumer’s amazing relatability (she scores 50-50 male-female demos) and extrapolate from her “finely honed act.” As Zinoman put it:

“Onstage Ms. Schumer’s jokes are lean, her delivery precise and her control of the audience commanding. Comedy is not a science, but she makes it look like one.”

And, she’s so self-assured and forceful on stage, Zinoman points out, that it’s easy to miss that much of her humor is self-deprecating.

“Amy can represent confidence and vulnerability at the same time, which is why she’s so interesting to watch,” head writer Jessi Klein told the Times. “She takes you to stuff that isn’t O.K., but you sense that you don’t have to worry about her.”

Inside Amy Shumer premieres Monday, April 30 on Comedy Central.

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