One of @TheLodgee Tweeters Unveils Identity

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

A little over a year ago, we wrote about Viacom’s masked Twitter chronicler, reporting from The Lodge, our cultural and culinary hub here at 1515 Broadway. Since then, the anonymous tweeter(s) managed to keep his/her/their identity concealed, while updating employees on everything from the daily menu (brilliantly condensed to 140 characters) to some pretty amazing “overheards.” As @MTVHive put it in a tweet @TheLodgee: “You’ve become the unofficial MTVTJ [MTV Twitter Jockey], except you tweet extra useful stuff like what’s for lunch and when we can get free froyo.”

This week, with a simple tweet: “BREAKING: @TheLodgee tweeter to be replaced,” our cafeteria correspondent(s) announced that they were in the market for a new tweeter.

The outgoing tweeter came to the Viacom blog to reveal his identity and bid adieu to @TheLodgee’s faithful followers (more than 1,000 to date). We learned that the account is actually run by three employees, and while he didn’t reveal the identities of his counterparts, we now know that one of the three is named Uptin. Uptin works for MTV News, and in the past few years he’s also held roles across the company, at VH1 and Nickelodeon as well as MTV.

Here’s the full text of his goodbye letter:

One of the first things I learned in college was that to create a good business, you must fill a need.  What if, I thought years later, we applied this logic on Twitter? I had been conversing by the coffee machine with a colleague over our love for The Lodge. Not just the assortment of daily cuisines from around the world, or the incredible views overlooking NYC’s Times Square, but even the little things like the dynamic culture, friendly staff and decadent cookies.

That’s when I began thinking. The Lodge has a Facebook page.  Was it too exclusive to have its own Twitter?

And, so, on March 6, 2012, @TheLodgee was created.

While the unpaid work of remembering to tweet out the day’s menu and sending new updates to an ever-increasing and constantly-hungry Twitter following was sometimes tiring, I was satisfied knowing I’ve helped inform and fill the palettes of some several thousand of my finest colleagues.

While my role working in digital production and helping tweet for @MTVNews has been unforgettable, the opportunities to release (sometimes ridiculous) information, free from censorship—all the while attempting to stay anonymous — I have to say creating @TheLodgee is definitely amongst my best memories here at @Viacom.

Thank you to all those who followed, retweeted and sent tips!  Special shout-out to those I’ve never met but we’re highly active and engaged most with @TheLodgee: @KristinaLuca, @lindseyweber, @jennjrogue, @JerseyJonK, @ricenbeats!

While I move on from 1515 and #FOMO moves in, it seems only right that I find another anonymous successor for the account. If you’re interested, go here:

— his name is Uptin

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