Confessions of a Glorious Mind: Steve-O on Stunts and David Hasselhoff

by Colin Lenz, VIMN Germany

SAM_2326_web MTV “Jackass” veteran Steve-O talked about his two decade long career of stunts, traveling and craziness while promoting his Comedy Central show Killer Karaoke in Berlin, Germany. Steve-O met with press about his extreme, karaoke talent show, which puts contestants through gross, challenging and but mostly humorous stunts while they attempt to carry a tune.

If you ever wanted to learn about going vegan without missing the pleasure of cage-free eggs and mussels, or how to break your cheekbone and lose seven teeth at once – this was the conversation to hear. Steve-O walked into the Berlin press conference with flip flops, and introduced journalists not only to his new show, but also gave deep insights into his career, future plans and how to make this world a better place. He touched on a range of topics like traveling with “a passport thick as a sandwich” to the thrill of naked wrestling, keeping the audience enthralled and comfortably amused.

 In a Killer Karaoke live performance, a man was waxed while singing and he proceeded to wax his body long after the karaoke song ended. But you will never see Steve-O singing karaoke on his quirky talent show. If he did flex his vocal cords, the songs would probably be from Iron Maiden or Mötley Crüe, as he points out. He is – surprisingly – just not that singing guy and is more into real action.

Thanks Steve, for some words of wisdom and the guarantee to never be mean to our German symbol of freedom – David Hasselhoff.

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