“Girl, Get Your Mind Right” This Summer

by Chanel Cathey, Viacom


Dating isn’t getting any easier. Luckily, MTV is helping us tackle the snags, ambiguity and awkwardness we encounter in everyday relationships with the help of author and relationship expert Tionna Smalls. This Brooklyn native turned relationship guru will provide honest advice and makeovers in her new series “Girl, Get Your Mind Right” which premieres tonight – May 20th at 6pm ET.

You might remember Smalls’ candid and outspoken style from her stint helping TLC’s Chilli find love on the VH1 reality show “What Chilli Wants”. Smalls a former relationship blogger for Gawker built her powerful advice brand from a personal mission to help women achieve satisfying relationships. Like most young women, she navigated a big breakup and was let down by the dating scene. Yet instead of just recounting her experiences with friends, she used her relationship ‘girl talk’ to build her brand.  

“I was in a relationship a longtime when I was younger, a teenage relationship, that went onto college and we broke up and I started dating. I started to date and being out here dating was the worst experience ever. So I said I am going to write a book about love and relationships and it was self-published. I promoted myself, started a blog, I was on What Chilli Wants, then I got a book deal and now “Girl Get Your Mind Right” is a show on MTV. So the grind played off.” – Tionna Smalls

“Girl Get Your Mind Right” will air daily and Smalls will work one-on-one with women to get to the core of their problems and give them a dose of her straight talk. Whether it’s a look, an attitude or a behavior change, she confronts real women with real advice to break bad habits. Then she puts her own advice to the test – going undercover to spy on dates to make sure her tips really work.

Smalls used social media to build her brand and she is passionate about staying connected to her following – she affectionately calls her fans, ‘loveys’.  “I take my responsibility to my ‘loveys’ very seriously – because I don’t feel there are enough people that are authentic out here” Smalls said. “I’m all the way real and I like that about myself. That’s one thing I bring to the table.”

She won’t bite her tongue, and always emphasizes that she will always stay true to her personality and Brooklyn roots. In addition to encouraging us all to check out her new show – she wanted to leave her loveys with these words of wisdom.

“You can’t listen to negative people. People who have never done it are going to tell you that you can’t do it and you just can’t listen to it. If there is something you want to do – be the best at it.”

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