First-ever ‘MTV Millennial Awards’ Celebrates Digital Media, Pop Culture

by Marimar Rive, Viacom International Media Networks

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Dulce Maria
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Mexico’s pop sweetheart Dulce Maria accepting her award for Twiterrer of the Year Read More

Juan David Ariztizabal and Cesar Gaviria
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Juan David Ariztizabal and former Colombia President Cesar Gaviria Read More

Big Cola Think Big Award recipient Juan David Ariz…
21 Pilots
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21 Pilots popping wheelies on Ecobici’s on the red carpet Read More

Dana Paola
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Mexican pop-star Dana Paola performing Niña’s mal 2 Theme song “Aguita” Read More

Hosts Karla Souza and Werevertumurro
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Hosts, actress Karla Souza and media magnet Werevertumurro Read More

MTV Latin America’s first-ever “MTV Millennial Awards,” which honored this year’s viral effects of social media, invaded Mexico City last week. With 25 million votes cast, a LIVE-stream debut and various glocal trending topics on Twitter, the new franchise delivered a true digital experience for the generation it serves.

Hosted by social media magnate Werevertumorro and Karla Souza, the star of Mexico’s box office smash, Nosotros Los Nobles, pop-culture trends in digital media were honored, such as digital icon of the year, social media app of the year, viral video of the year and twitterer of the year, amongst others.

Electrifying musical performances included Danna Paola3BallMTY, Hello Seahorse, Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas and the alternative buzz band from the U.S. Twenty One Pilots.

Celebrating the digitally-immersed millennial generation, the awards show delivered unprecedented social media engagement including 25 million votes cast online, local and international trending topics on twitter and a memorable star-studded experience that indulged the MTV audience.

 The evening’s highlights included an alternative ‘walk or ride’ red carpet featuring celebs on Ecobici’s, Mexico City’s private bike-sharing program, a special appearance on video by the infamous Grumpy Cat and an unforgettable zombie walk dance.

The celebrated Big Cola Think Big Award awarded to Juan David Aristizábal founder of NGO, “Buena Nota” whose project connects Colombian communities with the solutions for innovative social change was all the buzz with Twitter influencers including current President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and former president Álvaro Uribe, who wished Juan David the best of luck. Former Colombian President César Gaviria (pictured above) was in attendance in support of the award.

Over 14 influencers received the coveted Millennial Award trophy, inspired by the most viewed influencers — cats.  Millennials the world over have made cats the stars of the Internet with innumerable memes, images and viral videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media sites. The cat, wrapped in a fuchsia pantone, embodied MTV Latin America’s visual representation of the first-ever MTV Millennial Awards.

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