James Franco Next In Line to Take Hits at Comedy Central Roast

by Andre Augustine, Viacom


Since Comedy Central announced the multi-talented James Franco as roastee for this year’s iteration of the Comedy Central Roast, buzz has continued to heat up. The Roast master of the Emmy award-nominated special will be none other than Seth Rogen, who starred in various films with Franco including “This is the End” and the newest comedy “The Interview.” 

Even though we do not have an official list of celebs to match-up against Franco during the special, we do know that every hit thrown is “not gonna be pretty” based on the commercial showing Franco slowly receiving a jab from a boxing glove. Franco will join the list of other notable roastees, which includes Joan Rivers, Pamela Anderson, Donald Trump and William Shatner. The special will be taped in Los Angeles this month and is set to premiere Sept. 2, the Monday of Labor Day weekend, so stay tuned.

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