London Turns Royal (Baby) Blue

by Mandy Westhorpe, VIMN UK
amorosad amorosad 5 years ago

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amorosad amorosad 5 years ago
amorosad amorosad 5 years ago

The Royal Family is rarely out the limelight, especially these past two years – from the Royal Wedding to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and of course, let’s not forget Her Majesty’s starring role in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.  Little did they know that their crown would be stolen by the newest arrival in town!

The #RoyalBaby has been and still is THE topic of conversations worldwide. With the world’s media and royalists camped outside St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington all last week, ‘Baby Fever’ as we have never seen before has taken over, from our airwaves and social media through to every brand’s marketing campaign. It seems the UK has been invaded by babies and baby products alike! Even our very own Comedy Central UK got stuck in with a tongue in cheek on-air promotional campaign! The world waited… and waited… and then waited some more. And then… it happened.  At 6:00am on Monday 22nd July, William and Kate discreetly made their way into the Lindo Wing.  For the first time ever, Clarence House confirmed via Twitter what the world had already heard – that Kate was in fact in labour and the Royal Baby was on its way.

The UK (and the rest of the world) was glued to dedicated news channels that reported on the imminent birth and nothing else.  It didn’t seem to matter that there wasn’t actually any news to report – the world was watching and waiting in anticipation.  After 14 long hours of no news and more than 500,000 tweets later, the announcement the world had been waiting for finally came.  Just before 9:00pm, Clarence House confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge had ‘was safely delivered of a son’ weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 6oz at 4:24pm that afternoon.  Cue party time!

We British love a celebration and a Royal Baby seems to a great excuse for a good old British knees up! Tower Bridge, the London Eye, the BT Tower and even the home of SpongeBob’s fairground, Blackpool Pier, joined in the celebrations to mark the birth of the third in line to the throne!

But the announcement of the birth wasn’t enough for us; we had to see the latest addition to the Royal family in the flesh, so for the next 24 hours, the whole country focused on the doors of the hospital.  Yes, we all spent hours staring at a TV screen, simply showing a door! But the madness was definitely worth it, as eventually we were introduced to Britain’s future King.  Obviously aware of his royal status, he has already been well trained to execute the famous ‘Royal wave’ whilst bundled in his mother’s arms.

William and Kate delighted the crowds with their witty comments and the revelation that Prince William (the second in line for the throne!) had changed the first nappy! Cue hysteria and newspaper headlines as it seems our affection for the new era of modern royalty has possibly doubled with that information alone.  Then the moment that we had all been dreading arrived:  the young family made their exit and we all had to go back to our everyday lives.  So…right. What exactly were we doing before this all happened?

Recent studies show that the Royal Family are experiencing a peak in popularity, with the level of royalists vs. republicans swinging significantly in the favour of the Royal family – the best results since 1997.  After a whirlwind few days it seems the research was right.  Britain is now more in love with the Royals than ever before, so without further ado, let’s all raise a glass to Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge! We can’t wait to see more of you.

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