@ it again: ‘Orange County Choppers’ Social Command Center

by Adam Lee, CMT


We’re at it again! Gearing up for the premiere of a new CMT series has never looked so fun. Everything from a life-size Paul Sr. cutout to show-related cupcakes filled the room as our team anxiously awaited the premiere of ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPPERS. One key phrase echoed throughout the night: “The choppers are back!”

Earlier this year, the DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT social media command center set the standard for high-priority premiere nights. This event proved the importance of real-time communication with fans. Since DOG AND BETH’S successful debut, the CMT crew has continued to push the limits of these social events for major show premieres.

“We’re going to do this for every channel priority, and just keep making them bigger and more badass. Real-time marketing is key on premiere nights, and our shows are worth talking about,” said John Monson, CMT’s senior manager of social marketing. “No one wants to be left out of the conversation, and we’re here to facilitate that.”

Our OCC crew consisted of 17 CMT social media strategists, graphic designers, marketing/creative managers and IT specialists who worked together to get the message out about the series premiere! The team spread their forces throughout several social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Vine.

During the show, graphic designers created customized pictures of OCC fans by adding Paul Sr.’s iconic mustache on them. Who wouldn’t want a ‘stache as hardcore as his? The fans were certainly on board, asking for their own version of the bossman’s facial hair. Another option for fans was getting their Twitter avatar added as part of Paul Sr.’s “new ink.” The fan photo was placed onto Paul’s arm to blend in with his other tattoos. Both of these items proved to be successful social media tools. Whether they were answering fan questions or giving a fan a ‘stache, everyone on the team worked extremely hard on fan interaction.

Despite much competition throughout the night, the choppers charged through with a successful series premiere! Like the DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT premiere, the number of Facebook likes significantly rose for the OCC on CMT Facebook page throughout the night.  The page grew from 180,000 likes to more than 200,000. On Twitter, dozens of super fans got ‘stached by our team. Some of these fans even used this photo as their profile picture to show off their newly formed mustache. The series trended No. 2 on GetGlue thanks to fans checking in to get their custom stickers. And, of course, there were vibrant Twitter conversations among the fans, cast and our team throughout the night.

“It’s not enough to just show up on social with a show like this, or any show, for that matter… you have to create meaningful content and conversations,” said Chris Nelson, CMT’s director of social marketing. “Viewers are looking for fun and creative additions to the viewing experience, and we challenge ourselves to provide that as authentically as possible.”

After OCC, the premiere of Swamp Pawn also created plenty of buzz for CMT. This was the season two premiere of the show and it pulled in adequate numbers of viewers and social interactions.

Overall, the night proved to be a success for the social media command center and CMT!

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