Keep Calm and ‘Party Down South’ with CMT

by Chad Meholic, CMT

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Whether you were ready to “party down south” or not, CMT was blowing up the web on the premiere night of “Party Down South,” which shares production credits with MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” With takeovers on the day of the premiere on Perez Hilton, US Weekly, Buzzfeed, Urban Dictionary and YouTube, we knew people would be talking about the show.

Following the success of the command centers for CMT originals “Orange County Choppers” and “Dog and Beth: On The Hunt,” we were ready for “Party Down South.” With a team of 15 social media strategists and graphic designers, we were ready to blow up Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, Google+ and Pinterest. A few hours before the show hit airwaves for the first time, everyone was getting amped up and ready to connect with fans.

During the show, graphic designers created customized pictures for our fans on Twitter by placing their faces on a red solo cup. Fans were also treated to graphics with various party supplies photoshopped in—anything from sunglasses, trucker hats, beer funnels and of course, corn dogs! This particular social interaction wasn’t only fun for our fans, but also created a few laughs for us as well. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see their wedding photo transformed into a “Party Down South” bouquet of corndogs.

There wasn’t a quiet moment throughout the length of the command center—everyone’s fingers were typing away as they laughed along with the show. Cast member Taylor, also known as “Lil Bit” on the show, joined forces with us for the premiere and took over CMT’s Instagram account.

During the window of the show—three hours before and three hours after it aired—more than 15,000 tweets about “Party Down South” had accumulated. We even got the show’s hashtag trending. The conversation on Facebook was also compulsive and everyone was sharing the amazing memes the design team had created.

The conversation didn’t stop after the command center was over. More and more content is being pushed out on all of our social networks on a daily basis. The show is going viral with E! News stories, leaked content and even fan-created social accounts.

As “Party Down South” garners additional coverage in the press, the social-sphere continues to enjoy the show.  We continue to invite everyone to PARTY DOWN SOUTH with CMT!

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