Viacom Unveils New Study, “TV Here, There (Not Quite) Everywhere”

stuart-schneiderman by Stuart Schneiderman, Consumer Insights & Measurement, Viacom Media Networks

Last week, we unveiled the findings from “TV Here, There (Not Quite) Everywhere,” our brand new study exploring consumers’ perceptions, expectations and experiences around TV Everywhere (TVE).  We define the TV Everywhere experience as watching full-length TV programs on sites and apps by “authenticating” —  using one’s pay TV log-in information. And what we found is a very positive story for our networks and for TV Everywhere. The most significant reveal is that TV Everywhere actually supplements TV viewing overall. At the same time, viewers say TV Everywhere adds a lot of value to their pay TV subscriptions, making them much more loyal to their providers. Here are some key findings:

  • 64% of TVE users report watching more TV overall
  • 98% of TV Everywhere users say TVE adds value to their pay TV subscription, 67% a lot of value
  • 93% say they are more likely to stay with their provider due to TV Everywhere
  • Content is one of the biggest drivers of TV Everywhere usage, followed by flexibility and the desire to try the latest technologies
  • Most viewers use TV Everywhere to re-watch or catch up on episodes

The study also addresses barriers to adoption and provides a snapshot of what the ideal TVE experience looks like. With this research, we have a deeper understanding of how to better deliver great TVE experiences to our audiences and strengthen brand loyalty among Viacom fans.

You can check out the full study here.

Stuart Schneiderman is Senior Vice President for Strategic Insights & Research, Viacom Media Networks.

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