The Year’s Best Female Comedy Performer Is Amy Schumer, According to Vulture TV Awards

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

"Comedy Central's Stars Under The Stars" Hosted By Gabriel Iglesias And Featuring Adam Devine, John Mulaney, Jeff Ross And Amy Schumer

As part of its week-long TV Awards recognizing the best in television from the past calendar year, Vulture today bestowed Amy Schumer with the honor of Best Female Comedy Performer. Well deserved, and also an impressive feat when considering the competition in the category, from modern comedy legends like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler, to super-hot-right-now stars like Mindy Kaling and Aisha Tyler. Here’s what TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz had to say about Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer:

Her new show is a great response to…unimaginative dude-bro hazing: a show that presents a startling range of female experience while turning the tables on the guys who tend to control how women are perceived in pop culture. But what makes Inside Amy Schumer genuinely delightful rather than tediously moralistic is Schumer’s lead performance, which has a bit of Carol Burnett’s fearlessness and versatility…Her judgment is exquisite.

Go Amy!!!

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