‘Nathan For You’ on Embedding Ideas into the Popular Imagination

by Tiffany Knighten, Viacom

Although Nathan Fielder isn’t exactly a marketing expert, he asserts himself as one on his Comedy Central show “Nathan For You,” using the combination of his quirky personality and unorthodox marketing ideas to promote small businesses. While his marketing tactics may not be deemed kosher in a traditional marketing classroom, Nathan’s tactics are so absorbing that he’s become a viral sensation, with his infamous video of a pig saving a goat reaching more than 8 million views.

As stated in the Fast Company innovation feature, Faux-Marketing Savant Nathan Fielder Offers An Unused “Nathan For You” Gem And The Truth About Going Viral:

“Now, even the marketing department at Comedy Central is convinced that a natural Svengali is in their midst. Although part of the point of Fielder’s character seems to be taking the air out of consultant culture, some of his efforts make it look as though he really does have some sort of media Midas touch.”

All new episodes of ‘Nathan for You’ air Tuesday nights at 10:30 PM ET on Comedy Central. Get caught up with the series by watching the complete season one now available on the Comedy Central App and at cc.com/nathan.

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