Viacommunity 2014 Review Celebrates Year-Round Impact

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Employees in our NYC offices received a chocolaty afternoon treat yesterday courtesy of Insomnia Cookies to celebrate the release of our annual social responsibility report, ““Viacommunity 2014 Review: Impact Creating Value.” The report showcases Viacom’s investment in some of today’s most pressing issues, and our work to inspire and activate our diverse audiences to bring about positive social change.

While our NY employees may have been the ones to indulge their sweet tooth, the report celebrates the work of all our employees worldwide in communities local and global.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • $116 million in in-kind goods and services were committed by Viacommunity to campaigns and nonprofit partners in 2013, the same amount that would purchase 464 seats on Virgin Galactic’s commercial trips to space – or 5 copies of the Magna Carta (if there were more than just the one).
  • 1.8 million students, educators and parents visited the Get Schooled website during the 2013-14 school year, enough to fill every Major League Baseball stadium, and then Yankee Stadium another 11 times.
  • 40,000 volunteer hours were donated by Viacom employees in 2013. In that time you could watch the entire film Titanic 11,428 times.
  • If the 300,000 information guides, distributed as part of BET’s family planning initiative “Rap It Up” were music albums, they would’ve gone platinum in the UK.
  • $1.7 million in musical instruments were donated to schools through the VH1 Save the Music Foundationto promote music education and the arts.

For more on social responsibility as a way of life at Viacom, check out Viacom CEO & President Philippe Dauman’s interview on


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