The Nightlyness Begins

by Daina Amorosano, Viacom

At long last, Larry Wilmore has arrived to Late Night  — “a rare nonwhite star in the constellation of late-night television,” to use the New York Times’ metaphor. We couldn’t be more excited. His arrival was eagerly anticipated, his voice filling a much hungered for space on TV. Within the first minute of his opening monologue, I felt immediately refreshed by his perspective, his angles on the news of the day.

The show, at its outset, is structured in three parts: opening monologue of jokes/riffs on recent or current events plus two panel discussions, which Wilmore leads. On its inaugural night, guests included comedian Bill Burr, Senator Cory Booker, musician Talib Kweli, and local correspondent Shenaz Treasury, all of whom engaged in a lively dialogue on race-related issues.

As Wilmore gets into a groove and perfects the show’s chemistry in the coming weeks, the show is bound to get better and better. But so far, we’re already hooked… and concur with the AV Club:

“It is impossible to call Wilmore’s debut anything but a triumph. He has impossibly large, monumental shoes to fill and he does his best in his first fitting.The Nightly Show carries on the legacy of The Colbert Report in being both funny and managing a point of view. On late-night television, that’s a potent combination.”

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