Art At Viacom Unveils Flowers 2015: OUTSIDE IN

by Chanel Cathey, Viacom

Walking into Viacom’s Times Square headquarters after a series of blustery snowstorms, employees, visitors and partners alike were greeted by a colorful and fragrant suspended garden. This is “FLOWERS 2015: OUTSIDE IN,” an artistic experience created by British artist Rebecca Louise Law with the help of over 200 Viacom employees. Don’t forget to look up from your smartphone when you enter on Broadway or pass by the visitors center — you don’t want to miss this floral oasis blooming in the middle of winter.

Hundreds of employee volunteers came into the office over the weekend to entwine more than 16,000 flowers with copper wire and help bring Law’s vision to life. A carefully selected variety of flowers from roses, hydrangeas, carnations, thistles, and kangaroo paws to name a few, bring a burst of color right to Viacom’s doorstep. Law is known for crafting large-scale installations of hanging flowers within urban spaces fusing a unique connection between contemporary society and nature. The display will transform over time, it started off fresh and it’s already starting to dry while always maintaining its color. Check out this time lapse video to see how it all came together in just two short days:

OUTSIDE IN showcases nature in the frosted concrete jungle and its uniqueness is generating quite a bit of buzz. People are taking notice from its prominent exposure on Viacom’s outdoor screens to lengthy features in Architectural Digest and The New York Times. Check out the New York Times story about Art at Viacom and Rebecca’s creative journey here.

This is the inaugural installation of a new Art At Viacom series, which will feature rotating immersive art experiences from a range of artists. Exposing employees to new artists fuels Viacom’s culture of creativity and employees are curious to see how artists will use the building as a canvas. Rebecca Louise Law’s installation will stay up through April.

Rebecca Louise Law

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