What Happens Here Stays Here (Unless You Tune In): Guys Choice Awards 2015

What’s it like to work the Spike Guys Choice Awards? Spike’s Christi Angel reports back after attending the event for her first time. Sound cool? Check out the full show here.

That moment when Terrance Howard graciously offers to take a selfie represents the good times at the Guys Choice Awards -where anything goes. Yes, this was the best inaugural moment for my first show with Spike.

Spike Guys Choice 2015 1 Spike Guys Choice 2015 2

Now, I have watched the awards before, but this welcome by Terrance introduced me to the unpretentious zone where celebrities, athletes and yeti s reside. It is the only place where reindeer roam, mantlers are awarded, and brass balls are more than just a euphemism. Let’s just say it is the dopest man cave ever. Even the audience was gorgeous.

Spike Guys Choice 2015 3

A-Listers like Salma Hayek hit up the awards and showed us what being hot at nearly 50 looks like. She received the Decade of Hotness Award.

Spike Guys Choice 2015 4

Once the show kicked off it held many great moments. Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson hosted, so being an Empire fan, this was beyond exciting for me, and they rode the “mantlers” all the way in (read: Cookie and Lucious came to life on stage). Oh, and if you’re a “side chic,” i.e. “booboo kitty,” “his mistress,” “the weekend lover,” or if you just didn’t know, the Lyons definitely helped clarify the issue.

One of the perks of working an award show is seeing my team in action. From the moment I arrived in L.A., I noticed the lack of frantic energy that I am used to during events (as we all know, people can easily lose it as the clock ticks down to show time). There was an energy and camaraderie that piqued my curiosity; I wanted to see how everything would play out. In the greenroom, Johnny Knoxville showed me first-hand how any person could lose it and maintain it, as he nervously discussed his lack of clearance for his speech while drinking one super-sized tequila; he was presenting Chelsea Handler the award for Funniest M.F. (Even Handler didn’t know what he was going to say). My mind totally morphed to Men in Black as he talked. Let’s just say I have a new appreciation for those who love tequila and jokes.

From the LL Cool J G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) Award, to his classic performance, to Clint Eastwood presenting, to watching my favorite badass, Liam Neeson, on stage, I loved the whole experience. One moment I truly loved was watching the United States soldiers on the red carpet and seeing the joy as they hung out with the celebrities in the stands. I am sure seeing Charlotte McKinney strut her stuff didn’t hurt either (read: her dress was pretty awesome… #gymgoals) She made quite a few people happy and this time it had nothing to do with Carls Jr’s Burgers (but did it ever?).

Spike Guys Choice 2015 5

Speaking of soldiers, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced that he is partnering with Spike for an event to “Rock the Troops” through music and entertainment, (think USO meets Coachella). It doesn’t get much better than supporting our troops and rocking out. Seeing them enjoy themselves made my experience that much more poignant. Seeing The Rock wasn’t so bad either.

Spike Guys Choice 2015 6

Yes, Zoey Deustch and Avan Jogia photobombed us.

Spike Guys Choice 2015 7

All in all this Spike girl earned her mantlers and had a blast.

Spike Guys Choice 2015 8

Yes I needed a selfie with a Yeti. Now I’m official!

I loved the Guys Choice Awards and hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did.



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