What’s Made Here Lives Everywhere

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Viacom wants to entertain you, yes. We tell compelling stories – about humans colonizing Mars or a teenager who transforms into a werewolf or a girl who becomes quarterback of her high school football team.

But that’s just the start. We want bigger – big enough to drive culture. We want characters and stories that will inspire you, that will change the way you see yourself and the world around you. That’s the essence of our Made Here Lives Everywhere campaign. How do the worlds we create on screen become a part of your world, of your story?

The producers, writers, directors and support teams here at Viacom make that happen. This innovative, dynamic talent pool is drawn to our company because of the chance to Make something Here that will truly Live Everywhere. They think big, dig deep, put themselves in your position – that of the fan – and ask, “What would make me love this character? This story? What would resonate and make an impact?”

To get to the heart of how Viacom goes from Made Here to Lives Everywhere, we spoke to nine of our most innovative creators. Check out what Nickelodeon writing program alumni and Bella and the Bulldogs creators Jonathan Butler and Gabe Garza had to say in the video below, then watch the rest of the interviews – with the individuals behind Teen Wolf, Geordie Shore and more – here.

Jonathan Butler & Gabe Garza, Nickelodeon’s Bella And The Bulldogs
from Viacom on Vimeo.

As Joe Strazynski, writer for Spike’s original scripted science fiction series Red Mars notes, “When a show goes from a show to a subculture to culture, that is your best barometer.”

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