Can You Read This? Because MTV Just Broke the Internet

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

We’ll forgive you if it took you a while to get to this post – you may have been struggling to get back online after the 2015 MTV VMAs shredded the Internet.

The most tweeted non-sports broadcast of all time. Over half a billion social engagements. A 556 percent year-over-year increase in app streams. 556 percent! Keep that one in your back pocket for the next time some Facebook wise guy throws up a pedantic post about how there’s no percentage higher than 100.

Here, let’s have Miley walk you through the minute-by-minute Twitter traffic:

VMA-Animation-Miley (1)

As for everything else, the graphic below speaks for itself. Blown aback by all the buzz? Check it out for yourself here. Stream the entire show, watch performances, and decide for yourself whether Kanye will run for president in 2020.

MTV VMA 2015 One-Sheet

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