Korey Robinson Comes Straight Outta Compton to Win the 2015 Viacom Employee Halloween Costume Contest

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom
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From left to right: Damien Witter(DJ Yella), Stephen Russell (Eazy-E), Johnathan O’Mallon (Jerry Heller), Korey Robinson (Ice Cube), Alan Jones (Dr. Dre), all employees in Viacom’s New York office.

Congratulations to Korey Robinson (aka Ice Cube), on winning the 2015 Viacom Halloween Costume Contest. A sales account executive in Viacom’s New York office, Robinson teamed up with Damien Witter (DJ Yella), Stephen Russell (Eazy-E), Johnathan O’Mallon (Jerry Heller), and Alan Jones(Dr. Dre) to create this prop-perfect group getup of  N.W.A. and their manager as depicted in the recent Straight Outta Compton movie. We caught up with Robinson, who gave us a bit of insight into the group’s choice behind the World’s Most Dangerous Halloween Costume.

Q: Describe your team and your department.

Korey Robinson: We work in Direct Response/National Ad Sales. We work hard and play hard.

Q: Do you and your team usually dress up for Halloween every year?

KR: Yes, every year. We have come up short in the past but this was our year.

Q: What inspired you to choose this Straight Outta Compton outfit?

KR: We grew up on 90s hip hop and Straight Outta Compton was the number one movie all last summer.

Q: How did you and your team prepare this costume?

KR: We had a meeting and viewed old pictures of the group and wanted to resemble them as close as possible. It worked!

Q: What was the most fun part about dressing up as Straight Outta Compton?

KR: We were in character all day and night. We were stopped all over NYC to take pictures with total strangers.

Q: Why do you think your costume was so popular with employees?

KR: This is the home of MTV – we connected with all the fans of the movie and group.


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