Her Lifelong Nickfluence Nets $25K for College with Viacom, Get Schooled

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

The path from wide-eyed baby squatting in front of an antenna-topped tube TV airing Nickelodeon to animation-creating DePaul University student is a long one, occupied by the myriad experiences that make a life. But, in this delightful 2:25 animated short, college student Dawn Adepoju winds her two-decade narrative into a colorful and compelling story documenting the powerful influence Nickelodeon has exercised over her creative life.

Set to an uplifting melody, the film is an exercise in minimalist whimsy, conjuring a desk-bound animator flinging ideas into the world via classic Nick programming, which is consumed by an infant Adepoju. The journey follows the girl as she glides across the shuffling slideshow of life, where her nickfluence drives her to creatively solve the ever-more-complex challenges of growing into adulthood. The sequence closes where it began, at the creator’s desk, now occupied by a road-ready adult Adepoju.

Adepoju’s effort earned her a $25,000 college scholarship for her continued studies at DePaul and first place in the What’s My Nickfluence contest sponsored by Nickelodeon and Get Schooled.

A panel of judges comprised of Nickelodeon executives and animation professionals selected the winner. Check out the five high school entrants, who will each receive a Wacom Cintiq 13HD Creative Pen Display, along with a one-year subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud services, courtesy of the companies:

Sleepyhead  by Alaine Baybayan (Canada)

Why My Doodles Left by Abigail Dahl (Washington)

Nickfluence – Joe in Nickverse by Andi Nguyen (Nebraska)

Journey Through Nicktopia by Jasmine Soompholphakdy (Tennessee)

Space Cops by Casey George (Texas).

Fans also selected two “People’s Choice” favorites by voting at www.Nickfluence.com.

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