A Deeper Look at Big Data at Viacom

by Chanel Cathey, Viacom

“Data helps you make more intelligent decisions. Having great creative instincts remains at the core of what we’re doing. Data is just another tool that we’re going to use.” – Philippe Dauman at Variety’s Big Data Summit.

Viacom President and CEO Philippe Dauman drove home this message during Variety’s Big Data Summit, where he keynoted, following Variety’s cover story about Viacom’s big data efforts. He underscored how Viacom leverages data to enhance creative works and evolve audience measurement. The company’s growing data team continues to fuel innovation and pioneer advanced analytic tools that are now a must have in the marketplace.

In this new Thought Leaders video, Viacom’s lead data guru Kern Schireson, executive vice president of Data Strategy and Consumer Intelligence, offers a closer look at offerings like Viacom Vantage that you’ve been hearing so much about, and explores the power of engagement in our industry. “The future of measurement is really looking beyond just impressions to understand engagement, cultural impact” said Schireson. “We are inspired by our fans and we love the fact that they don’t just watch our content – they really engage with it, they share it, they live it. That’s the future of measurement.”

Viacom’s Kern Schireson Talks Data from Viacom on Vimeo.

And not to be missed is this parody video about Big Data, produced by Viacom Velocity and starring The Fat Jewish (as Big Data) and Todrick Hall. There’s never been a more entertaining primer on this important topic:


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