Anatomy of a Hit: Viacommunity Hosts Tony-Award Winning Producer Stewart Lane

Viacommunity, in partnership with The Actors Fund, recently hosted Tony Award-winning producer Stewart Lane at Viacom’s global headquarters in Times Square. Lane discussed everything from his first play, In the Wings, to his newest endeavor into the online streaming business, his Broadway HD website.

Lane recalled beginning his career in show business as an actor determined to be cast in a play. His desire drove him to write In the Wings, his first play, for the sole purpose of casting himself in the production. His career as a producer happened more organically. “It didn’t just happen – it evolved,” Lane noted.

The Broadway mainstay’s love for the theatre has expanded into his role as a supporter of The Actors Fund, a nationwide organization that helps all professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industries. The organization’s services include health care, health clinics and career transitioning advice. “I recommend it to anyone in the business that needs help,” Lane raved.

​Lane with moderator Essence Dashtaray.

​Lane with moderator Essence Dashtaray.

In addition to his credits as a producer and a philanthropist, Lane has added a new business venture to his resume with the creation of his online streaming library of Broadway productions available on the website, Broadway HD. Asked whether his website would hurt Broadway ticket sales, Lane responded, “You will never beat the experience of a live Broadway show.”

His goal is to share the experience of Broadway, not compete with it. “It’s not a movie. It’s not a TV show. It’s something new,” he noted. Eventually, Lane hopes to provide his website for educational purposes to students studying the performing arts.

Lane’s evolution into a successful Broadway producer has spanned 15 Tony nominations and six Tony wins. Asked what it takes to become a successful producer, Lane simply replied, “Tell the best show you can. Don’t try to cater to the audience or the critics, just make a good show!”



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