Shake Your Fear of Coding with Nick’s Computer Science Pros

by Stuart Winchester, Viacom

Think you can’t code?

<Think again>

It’s Computer Science Education Week, and the cast of Nickelodeon’s new hit show Game Shakers is challenging the self-doubters among us to put in one Hour of Code to learn the symbols and rhythms of the wonderfully immersive world of coding. ​Believe it or not, that’s all the time you need to get going.

Don’t know where to start? Check out the videos below to learn a bit more about just how amazing code is and what it can do, or just click over to Nick’s coding site to see how easy those first steps to joining the ranks of the coders really are.

Hour of Code Game Shakers Announcement from Viacom on Vimeo.

Hour of Code Game Shakers Q&A from Viacom on Vimeo.

Game Shakers Hour of Code Partnership with the Afterschool Alliance from Viacom on Vimeo.

Make Your Own Game from Viacom on Vimeo.

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