Viacom Signs Anti-Piracy Pledge

Viacom joined forces with major brands and agencies last week to prevent advertising on piracy sites by signing a pledge facilitated by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). This voluntary advertising industry initiative commits participants to taking “commercially reasonable steps” to prevent digital ads from appearing on illegal websites.

Good news. But what does this all amount to for Viacom?

First and foremost, it means that Viacom is dedicated to ensuring digital advertisements for our content don’t appear on pirate sites. But it also means that we want to take meaningful steps alongside other industry leaders to combat content theft online.

Viacom brands invest billions of dollars every year to create high-quality, fresh, entertaining content our fans will love. And we love doing it. Unfortunately, sometimes our content is accessed illegally through pirate sites that profit off others’ hard work. By working with our partners in the advertising world, we can disrupt the business model of these illegal sites, which ultimately makes it easier for our fans to watch their favorite Viacom shows or Paramount movies the right way. Last week’s pledge is a perfect example of ways in which we’re trying to accomplish that goal.

You can read all about this pledge in the official press release here.

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